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How to create a gallery of your available themes?

February 26th, 2009 Comments Off on How to create a gallery of your available themes? Posted in Wordpress MU

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Hello and welcome to a new small tutorial about wordpress-mu plugins. This tutorial is build on a previous tutorial “How to use a plugin function in a post?“. The main focus is to how to create a nice table to present your themes in a gallery.

So this is what you need:
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WordPress Theme Preview Maker

February 23rd, 2009 Comments Off on WordPress Theme Preview Maker Posted in Tools

Do you have a WordPress Theme collection? Have you ever tried to upload more than 10 themes on your server just to view the thumbnails? This produces unnecessary traffic, waste your time and takes a while until WordPress gets the thumbnails. One other way to see all thumbnails is to open each directory and take a look on every┬á screenshot image. Is this what you do? Yes?! Are you kidding? ­čÖé

I was looking for a solution to crack this problem. Unfortunately I didn’t found a anything appropriate. So I created a simple tool. This tool scans a directory which contains your theme collection and creates a HTML page with all thumbnails. So I don’t have to upload all themes to my server only to look over all thumbnails. I call it “WordPress Theme Preview Maker”!


You can download and use “WordPress Theme Preview Maker” for free. You can share it with your friends or others. Do not SELL! More »

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